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5 March 2019

I tried a little mapping experiment. If I had more time I could write some code to automate this whole process.

The surprise to me here is Mexico. It just ~barely~ makes 15th place in both area and GDP. Japan lacks area, Indonesia lacks productivity, Australia and Canada lack people.

Another mapping experiment:

Indicators are:

  • Life expectancy at birth, years (2016, World Bank)
  • Mean years of schooling completed (2015, UN)
  • Gross National Income per capita, PPP (2017, World Bank)

With a few modifications, these are the three components of the Human Development Index (HDI).

Countries with 1/3:

  • Gulf Arabs + Brunei are rich
  • Mediterraneans age well
  • Former communists spent a lot of time studying

Countries with 2/3:

  • Denmark, Germany and US lack life expectancy
  • Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Netherlands, Singapore lack education
  • Israel, New Zealand, Slovenia and South Korea lack income

Countries with 3/3: Britain & longtime colonies + selected Nordics + multiethnic European banking havens + Japan.

Another combo:

The four CUBI countries have it all. Nigeria lacks money. Russia lacks children. Indonesia lacks good land.